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Paul Barton

Paul Barton

Director of Operations

I started working in Linguaviva in the early 1990's during school holidays, I remember selling sandwiches downstairs in our student lounge and getting to meet all the students form all over the world. From there I started working in the administration department helping to process bookings and things like that. I also had the opportunity to act as our Meet and Greet for students at Dublin airport which gave me the chance to visit our wonderful host families many of whom are still hosting students today! After I finished secondary school I went on to pursue a 3rd level course in Information Technology. After university I worked in Sales and Marketing and after that moving into the technology sector. Finally I rejoined the Linguaviva team on a full time basis in 2009 and haven't looked back since!!!!

Likes: Tennis, travel, outdoors (including the beautiful Lough Corrib) and I also enjoy the occasional party 😉

Dislikes: Ireland losing at rugby, flights being delayed, warm beer and coffee!