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I’ve been working in the Linguaviva centre since 2011. You can find me in the admin department or dealing with academic matters!! I can really relate to Linguaviva students because I’ve been in their shoes at some point during my language learning journey.

My own language learning began in Hamburg 2002 when i completed an Internship for my FETAC certificate in Applied Languages and IT. In 2007, I graduated in Dublin City University with an honours BA. in Languages for International Communication with German and French. My favourite module was Linguistics. As part of my degree, I spent one year studying Translation and Interpreting in Universität Hildesheim under the Erasmus Programme.

My final thesis focused on ‘Motivation in Language Learning’ and this is one of the reasons I became an English Language Teacher – to motivate people to learn languages.

In 2007, I moved to Berlin and began my professional career in the language teaching industry. There i worked as a teacher trainer, head teacher, early childhood educator, internship co-ordinator….you name it!

Beginners and Elementary are great levels to teach and pronunciation is my favourite part of any class!

When i’m not working, i’m running around after my energetic son, Finn.

My advice:

  1. The only way to fully learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. Dream it and live it.
  2. There’s nothing that a cup of tea and a chat can’t solve (or a beer or two!!)

My likes: tea, a tasty cocktail  (preferably by a pool), walking, yoga, music festivals, going to gigs and travelling.