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Linguaviva’s students come from many different countries, making it one of Ireland’s most truly international English Language schools. Life as a student in Linguaviva is really about creating memories that will never be forgotten. Once you become part of the ‘Linguaviva Family’ you will have a sense of enrichment knowing everyone around you wants to see you happy, help you achieve your goals and most importantly enjoy all that Linguaviva and Dublin has to offer 🙂
Linguaviva has always been known around the world as a school synonymous with Excellence.  Every staff member that works in Linguaviva does so because they enjoy their jobs and are a part of our great family.  Students always get a sense of this immediately upon entering our school, they meet with the welcoming staff and are introduced the the existing student body where they get to share their fabulous experiences together.  Linguaviva has a strong global presence and there are many review sites and blogs throughout the Internet where it will be easy to see why we are known as one of the best English schools in the world!