Academic Year Work and Study Programme

8 Month Visa Available For Non-Eu Students

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Academic Year Work and Study Programme

Linguaviva runs its Academic Year Work and Study Programme all year round.  It consists of a 25 week full time course with 10 weeks holiday period.  Non-Eu students taking this course are entitled to a full 8 month Visa including a work permit in Ireland.  The courses consists of either 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week.  The maximum class size is 12 but the average class size is usually smaller.  All classes are in mixed nationality groups.

These courses are recognised by ACELS and students who enrol are permitted to work part time during the course period.  Full Learner Protection is included with all courses in Linguaviva.

Students are permitted to work full-time (40 hours per week) in June, July, August, and September and from 15 December to 15 January. This is provided that the course holiday period (10 weeks immediately after the 25 week tuition period) overlaps with these dates.  At all other times students are permitted to work part-time up to 20 hours per week.

Please see below some of the regulations and requirements for these courses.

If you would like to read information on the full regulations in place please visit this page.


Key Facts

  • Students per class: 12 Maximum
  • Duration: Up to 50 weeks
  • Start Dates: Every Monday
  • Mode of Study: Morning or Morning + Afternoons or Afternoon Only
  • Number of Hours: 15, 20 or 23 hours per week
  • Holiday Period: 10 weeks
  • Level: Elementary - Advanced (Beginners at various time throughout the year)
  • Minimum Age: 15 Years

Morning classes have a maximum of 12 students per class and afternoon classes have a maximum of 15 students per class