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Linguaviva’s students come from many different countries all around the world, making it one of Ireland’s most truly international English Language schools. Life as a student in Linguaviva is really about creating memories that will never be forgotten. Once you become part of the ‘Linguaviva Family’ you will have a sense of enrichment knowing everyone around you wants to see you happy, help you achieve your goals and most importantly enjoy all that Linguaviva and Dublin has to offer 🙂

Dublin is a cosmopolitan city that meets the needs of its overseas students.  There is a wide variety of food shops, restaurants, clubs and organisations that cater for different international tastes.  Students are assisted in becoming familiar with Dublin and its surroundings with special walking tours on offer and the fantastic orientation each student receives on their first day in the school.  The school organises many visits to places of interest within in the city and some weekend trips to some amazing other parts of Ireland.  Every month, a new leaflet is printed with details of these trips and details can also be found in our office..

Dublin, voted as one of the top 10 cities in the world (Lonely Planet) has a huge amount to offer for any type of student.

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Take some time to browse the comments from past and present students who have seen first hand what Dublin’s oldest English Language School has to offer!

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There are so many different tourist attractions within Dublin.  Linguaviva being located within the city centre is within walking distance of most major sights.

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