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Linguaviva Job Club

The Linguaviva Centre is the oldest English Language School in Dublin, Est 1977.  Our Job Club has been in place for many years, assisting our clients with their employment goals.

We strive day to day to go above and beyond for our students to reach their goals both academic and otherwise.

Many students coming to Dublin seek part time employment to assist in their cost of living.

In Linguaviva, we ensure that we help our students gain all the necessary information.   We ensure that they have the necessary tools required to seek out employment during their stay in Dublin.

Our hugely experienced teachers will help students with their CV’s and Cover Letters.   They will ensure that they are both fit for purpose, formatted correctly and detailed in a way suitable for employers.

Our support staff will advise what sectors are considered easiest to seek employment and help them through the application process.  Some of these methods involve using the more recognised job seekers websites (such as and  We also illustrate the most common areas with high footfall of businesses seeking regular turnover of staff.

Our caring staff help students to know what to expect during the interview process.   We give excellent advise to ensure they have the best possible chance of gaining employment.

Linguaviva also offers an Internship Programme and the details can be found here: Linguaviva Internship Programme

Key Facts

  • Meet with staff to discuss job opportunities
  • Duration: Every afternoon, engage with support staff for information
  • CV′s: Have your cv′s proof read and corrected by experienced teachers
  • Industries: Be advised where majority of part time jobs exist for part time learners
  • Cover Letter: Get the necessary expertise required to construct an eye catching addition to your CV
  • Bank Account: Receive support to open Bank Account in Dublin upon gaining new employment
  • PPS Number: Get advice on applying for a Public Services Card (required for all employees)

Please note, The Linguaviva Job Club does not arrange jobs for students. Our job club is there to help students gain the necessary advice and support in order to be best positioned to seek employment in Dublin.