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Linguaviva’s students come from many different countries, making it one of Ireland’s most truly international English Language schools. Life as a student in Linguaviva is really about creating memories that will never be forgotten. Once you become part of the ‘Linguaviva Family’ you will have a sense of enrichment knowing everyone around you wants to see you happy, help you achieve your goals and most importantly enjoy all that Linguaviva and Dublin has to offer 🙂
Linguaviva has always been known around the world as a school synonymous with Excellence.  Every staff member that works in Linguaviva does so because they enjoy their jobs and are a part of our great family.  Students always get a sense of this immediately upon entering our school, they meet with the welcoming staff and are introduced the the existing student body where they get to share their fabulous experiences together.  Linguaviva has a strong global presence and there are many review sites and blogs throughout the Internet where it will be easy to see why we are known as one of the best English schools in the world!
  • Best School Ever ! Great teachers, great class, great extra activities, well located and so on ! It enabled me to meet really nice people and to speak a fluent english, as you can see... #LinguavivaSchool #BigUpToPaulStuartNoelMaryColmAndConor #BadPingPongPlayersTho

    Rémy Gramond Avatar Rémy Gramond
    9th March 2017

    This is the second time I am studying in Linguaviva. I always had problems with English and after studying in Linguaviva I could see a great self improvement. The teachers are really good and all the staffs bring this friendly atmosphere! I would recommend Linguaviva for everyone.

    Roberval Silva Avatar Roberval Silva
    9th March 2017

    If you want to study English in Dublin, this is definitely the place to be. Great atmosphere and a fantastic staff... All you can expect! 🙂

    Harry Granitzer Avatar Harry Granitzer
    9th March 2017
  • The best decision I've ever made! Linguaviva is a great school, you learn a lot in class and I can totally recommend the extra activities to everyone ! I met people who became a big part of my life and still are ! 🙂

    Alina Kern Avatar Alina Kern
    9th March 2017

    Great assistance, excellent teachers, well located and a very familiar atmosphere ... The best school ever! There'll be always my choice for studying in Dublin! ���

    Julia Martins Avatar Julia Martins
    9th March 2017

    I can agree with all students who gave their recommondations below. Last November I've been studied in Linguaviva for the third time (every time only one or two weeks) but I come back as soon as I can and it's always a very great pleasure 🙂

    Beate Luise Hammer Avatar Beate Luise Hammer
    1st January 2018
  • Everyone who works in Linguaviva is amazing people! You can feel like you are at home with your family. I love this school. Thank you for everything that I've learnt from you..

    A.Ezgi Başak Avatar A.Ezgi Başak
    9th March 2017

    To go to Linguaviva was one of the best decisions I have done. Super friendly and helpful staff and teachers. I felt welcomed from the first day on. I know why I have been there twice to study English! All the best for you guys and I will come to visit you as soon as I am back to Dublin.

    Fine Wetzel Avatar Fine Wetzel
    9th March 2017

    One of the best English school I have ever attended. I honestly appreciate all of the Teachers for making everything easy to understand.Teachers know how to teach students in a good way even if you don't know anything in English.They made me feel home, which is the best thing to students who study abroad .They have interesting activities that gather the students together to speak english.If I were you I would go to Ireland and study in Linguaviva.

    Mohammed Radoi Avatar Mohammed Radoi
    10th March 2017
  • Welcoming, staff and professors always available to assist their students and look after our integration in class groups and host families. I had good and indelible memories of my experience in Ireland. Linguaviva is just unique and irreplaceable...

    Thomas Venriès Avatar Thomas Venriès
    9th March 2017

    Is the better school in Dublin!! The teachers are great and the staff too!!!

    Paulo Brisolla Rezende Avatar Paulo Brisolla Rezende
    15th February 2018

    So good !

    Laurent Moureau Avatar Laurent Moureau
    1st November 2013
  • This is the place that will boost your English and expand your horizon by meeting interesting people from all around the world ! Needless to say, this school has one of the best enthusiastic staffs and teachers Always willing to help the students with their best (: I have been questioned a lot from many others who are not sure whether this school is good enough as it says on the internet or not I've got one thing to tell you ' yes '

    Jeremy Park Avatar Jeremy Park
    13th March 2017

    I have only good memories in Linguaviva ! Best school ever to improve our English in Dublin ! A very good atmosphere, teachers are very kind, helpfull and everyone love have party haha ! Perfect

    Juliette Hl Avatar Juliette Hl
    9th March 2017

    Nice team that welcomes you like an old friend, excellent teachers, people from everywhere you can meet, everything you need to learn or improve your English, very well located in Dublin...what more? A very friendly "swissie" barmaid and a birthday cake! They got it all!

    Jean Cépeux Avatar Jean Cépeux
    10th March 2017
  • The best school ever! I highly recommend it to everyone!good teachers and good classmates!

    Teresa Fernandez Elices Avatar Teresa Fernandez Elices
    12th October 2017

    If u want 2 learn English; there is the option A: going 2 a good family, and the option B: going 2 a good school. Linguaviva, neither A nor B, is the BEST OPTION!

    Har Hitz Avatar Har Hitz
    21st February 2014

    Excelente me parece una opción excelente para estudiar inglés en Dublin.

    Pedro Perez Avatar Pedro Perez
    13th February 2018
  • Nice place. Here you can learn English and meet new friends from all the world. This school organize parties and many games together. If you want learn many things you have to come here 🙂 I like so much this school

    Angelo Sgobio Avatar Angelo Sgobio
    9th March 2017

    The best place ever for improve or learn English..hope to come back and have fun with you all..thanks a lot guys �

    Conci Secci Avatar Conci Secci
    8th March 2017

    Nice place , nice teacher , good organisation and amazing month spent there ! Thanks to everybody 😉

    Audrey Binet Avatar Audrey Binet
    9th March 2017